There's a lot hiding in your data.

With TIBCO Spotfire® analytics solution, you can visualize and interact with your data to instantly develop insights and take immediate action.

Have a real-time conversation with your data and discover what's hiding in it. Mashup and freely explore it. Monitor key operational metrics from virtually any device. You can also visualize, explore, and analyze information in the context of location.

How Spotfire helps you uncover the competitive advantages buried in your data:

  • Fastest to actionable insight
    Turn insight into action by enabling anyone to rapidly discover hidden patterns and collaborate in context.
  • Visibility into the unknown
    Discover the unexpected in big data and in real-time events to immediately identify opportunities or threats.
  • Self-service discovery
    Freely explore data anytime without having to depend on IT, radically accelerating decision-making.
  • Universal adaptability
    Use a single analytics and data discovery platform to empower anyone, anywhere, to make insightful decisions.

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