TIBCO Analytics – The Right Answer

Most people still make decisions without data. And yet we live in an era where we are drowning in data. The BI industry has tried to solve this problem by inventing and insisting on new tools. Still, after billions of dollars spent and three decades later, the industry has not managed to get more than a fraction of information workers to use these tools on a regular basis. The reason? People want answers to their questions, not tools.

For some, like a data analyst, the answer might come from a dedicated analytics tool. For most, though, the answer needs to surface within the applications and collaborative platforms they use every day. And it needs to be the right answer; i.e., accurate, timely and contextual. Our mission at TIBCO Analytics is to get people the right answer to their questions fast, when, and where they need it. We do this through our Analytic Fabric service that allows organizations to easily weave analytics into all their applications and collaborative platforms, instantly giving staff ready-made answers to their questions as part of what they do every day, without requiring them to use a tool.

Analytic Fabric

An organization could use the Analytic Fabric to embed an interactive dashboard showing campaign effectiveness inside their marketing automation platform. Or, the Analytic Fabric could intelligently generate a recommended visualization on-demand to analyze pipeline conversion as part of an IM chat between a sales manager and her rep.

We also provide Analytic Workspaces for staff who want to engage in self-directed smart data discovery and reporting. These Analytic Workspaces are personalized and tailored to each person's analytics needs and employ unique technology to get people the right answers they seek more swiftly than any other software on the market.

Analytic Workspaces

A data scientist using his Analytic Workspace would encounter a customized workflow (for the purpose of building an analysis), have access to a personalized variety of calculative tools and data views, and work within an advanced collaboration environment (to share and interact with others about an analysis) in order to efficiently accomplish his sophisticated data analysis task.

The bottom line is that TIBCO Analytics is the only company that can help your organization reach its full potential by providing everyone on your team with the right answer they need to make more informed decisions fast. Unlike other BI vendors, we are ultimately about delivering answers, not tools.

TIBCO Analytics
The Right Answer


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