Fast Data is the ability to take action in real time to create compelling and differentiated business value from the ever increasing volume, variety, and velocity of data (big data). TIBCO enables businesses to understand, anticipate, and act upon opportunities and threats in real time. The foundation of TIBCO's Fast Data solution is integration.

Our integration platform makes data available, reliable, and actionable in real time.

Reduced Cost and Complexity

Our easy-to-use integration platform supplies broad connectivity to people, applications, and devices. As a complete and integrated platform, it reduces time to results and eliminates costly stove-pipe architectures, reducing complexity and total cost of ownership.

TIBCO Platform Integration

Data Accessibility

At the heart of our integration platform is TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks. It allows organizations to create and orchestrate services and capture and publish events from internal or external applications and data sources. Developers can rapidly develop and graphically test integration processes in a no-code, Eclipse-based IDE. Other services creation and orchestration options include TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition, which comes as a buildpack for the Cloud Foundry environment and TIBCO Cloud Integration that provides integration services in an easy to use cloud based service.

Communication is key for integration and provides the ability for distributed applications, whether inside or outside the corporate firewall, to communicate and exchange data. TIBCO draws on more than 20 years of industry-leading experience in high-performance message oriented middleware (MOM) technology to offer the most comprehensive messaging portfolio, including standards-based store-and-forward, fully distributed peer-to-peer messaging products, and web and mobile messaging in a single seamlessly integrated platform.

Once the data is accessible, TIBCO tools can help you manage it.

Data Management

Poor data quality can make your integration and business processes much less effective. With master data management (MDM) you can take control of data quality and enforce data management and governance processes to attain a single trusted version of your information based on any data type.

Real-time access to quality data allows you to put context around your processes to improved business outcomes.

Context for Improved Business Outcomes

Providing context for your business processes maximizes effectiveness. Business process management (BPM) extends integration to both people and business processes, allowing you to make real-time intelligent work and resource management decisions and create entirely new ways to optimize your processes.

A complete and integrated platform reduces complexity and costs. However, better than simply reducing cost and complexity is leveraging integration services for new and innovative revenue streams.

Monetization with API Management

To drive additional value from the integration platform, you can expose the data and services to your developers or even business partners. In today's world, having a strong API strategy isn't just good software practice; it's a powerful business practice. TIBCO's comprehensive API management platform lets you build and test APIs, define run-time governance policies, migrate APIs between environments, and monitor and report on API usage.

Out-of-the-Box Reliability, Availability, and Scalability

Integration is the foundation of your IT infrastructure, the key to innovation and differentiation. All interactions with your customers, suppliers, and knowledge workers depend on it. If your business applications can't keep up with the pace of change, your business processes and service to customers will be severely impacted. Retrofitting a "good enough" integration solution to achieve the right reliability, availability, and scalability is an expense that will not appear until it is too late.

Our integration platform provides out-of-the-box reliability, availability, and scalability, so you can avoid expensive hardware and software, and even development and maintenance investments.


All the components of the TIBCO integration platform work together and act as one, but can also be deployed as individual solutions. You can select just the components to address your immediate needs and drive business value. In addition, many of the capabilities are available as cloud services, providing another deployment option.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks6

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Learn why integration is essential to running a real-time business.

Learn why integration is essential to running a real-time business.

Learn why integration is essential to running a real-time business.

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