Today's 21st century customers expect more: Constant innovation, excellent quality, fast service. To win their business, companies must continually improve, offer new or updated services, and keep quality high. Off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all enterprise applications do not support these goals.

Development teams have the crucial role of implementing business logic that can enable a company's success. The challenges are to be fast at low cost – to enable a differentiating time-to-market advantage and immediate profitability. In addition, high performance and reliability are absolutes. These challenges loom even larger when you must develop and maintain multiple applications, which are sometimes redundant and often based on multiple technologies and different environments.

TIBCO's application development platform provides a single, common infrastructure for development using multiple technologies. It lowers costs by increasing developer productivity, allowing focus on business logic rather than low-level programming. And it helps ensure application performance by providing a high degree of flexibility.


  • Focus On the Business: Create truly differentiating business logic on a platform that hosts code developed in multiple languages.
  • Streamline Development and Testing: Streamline your processes with rapid provisioning of ready-to-use environments.
  • Ensure High Performance: Access, manage, share, or even subscribe to data and reduce total cost of ownership by making it highly available using in-memory data grid technology.
  • Reduce Administration and Maintenance Costs: Manage all aspects of communication, security, and deployment independently so any changes won’t impact code.
  • Lower Integration Costs: Ensure interoperability with other systems and applications developed in other languages and foster reuse by deploying all applications as fully standards-compliant services.

Application Development Solutions


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