Private Cloud

TIBCO Silver® Fabric delivers a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) within the enterprise. Designed to augment established application platforms, it enables the agility of public cloud environments without the risks associated with offsite hosting.

Hosted in an on-premise data center, it works seamlessly with existing hardware and software to create an agile, cost-efficient environment improves flexibility while reducing costs.

Continuous Delivery

Reduce time-to-market of applications with a consistent deployment process, agile platform, and optimized use of infrastructure resources.

Automated Operations

Create an event-driven platform that adapts infrastructure resource supply to changing application demands.

Platform Portability

Maintain choice and flexibility for the business by decoupling applications from the underlying infrastructure.


  • Accelerate Turnaround: Rapidly provision and configure distributed stacks to support application builds by reducing the need to manually provision servers, storage, and backup.
  • High Quality of Service: Self-service capabilities enable developers with more transparency to be more productive, deliver on requirements faster, and empower the business to reliably meet service-level agreements.
  • Leverage Existing Resources: Gain maximum value from existing investments by leveraging a mix of resources, including third-party application platforms, custom applications, virtual machines, physical hosts, and public cloud environments.
  • Administer Change on the Fly: Automatically deploy upgrade and patches across applications, environment, and platforms – making complex installs and techniques obsolete.
  • Lower Capital Costs: Reduce infrastructure requirements by optimizing the use of resources and eliminating the need for redundant systems to support high availability and disaster recovery requirements.
  • Boost Innovation: Increasingly more productive, developers can better strategize the future state of applications while continuously improving service levels.
  • Broader Reach: A one-to-many relationship between a host and an application frees up monetary resources, enabling you to invest more in your overall infrastructure (rather than spending time and resources on a per-app basis).

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