Event Processing

Why store data to find out what happened or what could have been when you can act on events as they occur?

TIBCO's event-driven solutions allow you to capture, aggregate, and analyze real-time and historical data of any variety, volume, and velocity to gain contextual awareness and act preemptively.


Monitor and leverage fast-moving, real-time event streams from devices, logs, and applications to gain contextual awareness and seize opportunities or reduce risks the moment you sense them. Our event processing solutions identify patterns as they unfold and help you leverage the insights you've developed through experience.

Make better decisions faster

Combine awareness with data you can trust to make informed decisions. Data about your customers and offerings are stored in an in-memory data grid for fast access – and faster decision-making.

Improve outcomes

You can apply rules to trigger action while the opportunity still exists; for instance, prevent fraud by spotting and correlating irregularities or increase the size of an order by making offers based on what is in the shopper's cart.

With TIBCO event-driven solutions, you can prevent, rather than react to risk and create opportunities rather than chase them.

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TIBCO BusinessEvents® enterprise event server.
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TIBCO ActiveSpaces® in-memory data grid lets distributed applications quickly exchange and process large volumes of real-time data. >>Try now.

TIBCO® StreamBase Developer Edition to build real-time streaming applications.
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